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Lixil. Bringing security into light

Harper Logo - Lixil

Years of passion and expertise of LIXIL’s R&D professionals have brought about Harper.
The line of LED emergency and signalling luminaires that provides a vast choice of power, autonomy, IP grade and much more.

Icone Section Lighting - Lixil


The lights can go out when least expected,
for instance during extreme weather conditions,
a fire hazard, work in progress
or even network overload.

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Icone Section Signalling - Lixil


In case of emergency, knowing exactly
were the escape routes are located
is the base of safety.
Immediately visible, immediately comprensible.

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Icone Section Management - Lixil


The centralized supervision of the emergency lighting system is a system of diagnostics and control managed by a computerized control panel which collects and stores all the data coming from the lamps.

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